Turned Parts

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In addition to the well-known balls made from all of the conventional materials and grades, Spherotech now supplies customer-specific precision turned and milled parts.

We see ourselves as being the binding link between low cost manufacturing in China and exacting European customers who want to be able to benefit from the Spherotech services to an optimum level:

  • Communication between you and the manufacturer
  • Clarification of all details
  • Coordination / completion of orders / delivery date monitoring
  • Professional handling of all import and customs formalities
  • Order picking and storage (safety stocks) at the Fulda location
  • Ensuring all of the quality relevant drawn design parameters through capability analyses at the manufacturer and in Fulda on the basis of our in-house quality assurance and incoming goods inspections
  • Qualifying, auditing and initial sampling by Spherotech according to customer requirements
  • Just-in-time principle

We draw on specially qualified manufacturers of precision turned and milled parts from Asia which have specialised in both small-scale and mass production.

Our partner in China is a manufacturer which has specialised in high quality turning and milling operations and produces both small-scale and mass produced products to European quality standards.

The plant is fitted with the latest systems and state-of-the-art measuring technology in accordance with European standards. The production is certified according to ISO TS 16949 and supplies well-known customers in Europe in both the OEM and automotive sectors.