Quality Assurance

First Class Quality

The quality assurance in the Spherotech laboratory is based on a broad-based internal inspection catalogue including a painstaking goods receiving inspection. The diameter, roundness, off-size and surface are diligently checked by the Spherotech experts. The material analysis of every production batch is also a part of the standard checks.

In addition, special customer-specific requirements are inspected and verified, for example, the hardness or corrosion resistance. Specially trained employees test the balls for material homogeneity and cracks using eddy current testers. The Spherotech equipment, which is completely integrated in the in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System includes a Wolpert hardness tester, absolute length measuring devices from Zeiss and Solartron, a 10-/40-X video microscope, a portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer, various roller graders, the fully automatic surface measurement system Talysurf i60 as well as the roundness testing device Talyrond 130.

Structure determination and other individually desired tests are also possible – if required, in collaboration with an independent accredited external testing laboratory. If required, Spherotech customers can get the corresponding test certificates according to DIN EN 10204; additional test reports and initial sample test reports according to your requirements.

But documented certainty also means the archiving of quality-relevant documents and retained samples, which guarantee perfect traceability.

Spherotech’s factories are approved exclusively through the Production Process and Product Approval report (PPF). Our inspection logs can be used to identify the different specialized plants at any time. Spherotech is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our purchasing and logistics centre in China has been supporting us since the last 15 years in the selection of suitable production facilities for your requirements.

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