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Spherotech GmbH

Customised Solutions for the Most Stringent Demands

Welcome to Spherotech, your reliable partner for precision balls, rollers and turned parts. We rely on close cooperation with our customers and manufacturers to deliver customized solutions of the highest quality.

Our products undergo rigorous quality testing using the latest technology and highly qualified staff to ensure that they meet the most demanding requirements. Located in the heart of Germany, we are able to deliver our products quickly and efficiently to customers throughout Germany and beyond.

Discover the variety of our products and benefit from our commitment to quality and service. Contact us today to find out more!

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Customised Solutions for the Most Stringent Demands

Through years of experience together with qualified and committed employees as well as the implementation of consistent quality management, we guarantee our customers a consistently high quality of our products, whereby the protection of the environment and the safety of our employees is an essential part of our company management.

Spherotech GmbH

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René Schieder
COO Chief Operating Officer

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